Salon international sur Pétrole et Gaz
Salon international sur Pétrole et Gaz

Dr. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev
Director General, United Nations
Office at Geneva
Gabrielle Marceau
Mrs. Gabrielle Marceau
Counsellor in the Legal Affairs
Division - WTO and Associate
Professor – Geneva University
Mr. Jean-Christophe Füeg
Head of International Energy
affairs, Federal Office of
Energy (OFEN)
Mr. Urban Rusnák
Secretary General of
the Energy Charter
Ms. Valérie Cerda
Head of the Energy department
City of Geneva
Pr. Osamu Motojima
Director General,
ITER Organization
Jacques Attali
Pr. Jacques Attali
President of PlaNet Finance
& Author
Bhupendra Kumar Singh
Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Singh
Deputy Director Confederation
of Indian Industry - Energy
Hans B. Püttgen
Pr. Hans B. Püttgen
Director, Energy Center, EPFL
Giles Chappell
Mr. Giles Chappell
Attorney-Independent legal
consultant in Energy,
Environment, and Product
Dr. Nicolas Croquet
Dr. Nicolas Croquet
Lawyer, McKenna Long &
Aldridge LLP
Mr. Steivan Defilla
Directorate for Trade
and Transit, Energy Charter
Jean-Pierre Favennec
Pr. Jean-Pierre Favennec
Consultant at WD Cooperation,
IFP School Professor
Dr. Hooman Peimani
Dr. Hooman Peimani
Principal Fellow and Head,
Energy Security Division,
Energy Studies Institute –
National University of Singapore
Mr. Jacques Jeannerat
Mr. Jacques Jeannerat
Executive Director of External
Relations - The CCIG
Tetsunari Iida
Dr. Tetsunari Iida
Executive Director, Institute
for Sustainable Energy Policies
Dr. Matthew Hulbert
Dr. Matthew Hulbert
Lead Analyst
European Energy Review
Michel Claessens
Dr. Michel Claessens
Head of Communication, office
of the Director General,
ITER organization
Noé van Hulst
Dr. Noé van Hulst
Director of the Energy
Academy Europe
Olivier Steinmetz
Dr. Olivier Steinmetz
Member of the supervisory
board of the DESERTEC
Bertrand Piccard
Mr. Bertrand Piccard
Initiator and Chairman
of Solar impulse
Ricardo Klatovsky
Mr. Ricardo Klatovsky
Vice-President Energy and
Utilities Industry, IBM Europe,
Founding Member of the
IBM Industry Academy
Mr. David Rochat
Mr. David Rochat
Founder Partner, Solutions
for Industrial Ecosystems,
Ana Stanic
Dr. Ana Stanic
English Solicitor Advocate,
E&A law Limited, and Lecturer
at the University of London
Robert N. Stavins
Pr. Robert N. Stavins
Director, Harvard
Environmental Economics
Thierry Berthoud
Dr. Thierry Berthoud
Director, Energy and Climat
World Business Council
for Sustainable Development
Dr. Yvonne Deng
Dr. Yvonne Deng
Climate Strategy Consultant,
Mr. Urban Rusnák
Secretary General of the
Energy Charter
Pr. Osamu Motojima
Director General,
ITER Organization
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From bioclimatic emergency to the dreams of tomorrow

What futures will our world have to face up to ? Will the risks generated by climatic warming, by the worldwide economic crisis and by our sometimes careless manipulation of technologies involve major upheavals in the years, the decades and centuries ahead? What are the ethical, societal and technological revolutions that could set up an entirely new deal, thus shaping a new era and disproving the most pessimistic predictions ? Read more
Exhibition_congres_international 2012
Exhibition_congres_international 2012
Exhibition_congres_international 2012
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International Congress on Energy Security
4>5 April 2012